Nebraska Strong Relief Print

Nebraska Strong Relief Print


Nebraska and South-Western Iowa has been massively affected by major flooding from rain mixed with warmer temps immediately following large scale winter storms throughout February. There have been lives lost and homes destroyed. Farmers crops and cattle have died on such a large scale there are many farmers unable to recover from the damage. There are still many towns under water, roads destroyed, and over half of our cities have issued emergency declarations.

We wanted to step up to be a part of the amazing show of support we’ve witness to our fellow Nebraskans. This print will be available for as long as is necessary, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the United Way of the Midlands Nebraska/Iowa Flood Relief Fund.

  • Printed on premium 110lb. cardstock

  • 5 x 7"

  • Shipped with backing and plastic bag to prevent bending or damage

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