Wall Decor

Hello everyone, long time no talk!

Breanna here, wanting to make a quick entry to talk to you guys about the addition of posters to Haberdashery. This has been something we've been so excited to add to our store for awhile now because it gives us an awesome opportunity to make even more designs than before. It also gives me a chance to experiment with making designs that wouldn't work on shirts, which means I get to play with more colors than before. Plus it means that we can give you guys new stuff more often, and who doesn't love more options?!

You may see some of your favorite clothing designs show up on the posters, you'll definitely see new designs you've never seen before, and in the future you may (hint, hint) see collaborations happening with this new outlet. We are no longer purely a clothing store, but this is the first step we're taking to branch into new and exciting ventures. 

Thank you guys for all the support! If you ever see a design on a poster you'd love to see on a shirt, or vice versa, feel free to email us at shophaberdashery@gmail.com. Or just drop us a line to say hello, we love talking to you guys. 

Peace and blessings,