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Taylor Penton is a one man Midwest based Brand Illustrator. We discovered Taylor a few months back because his design posts on Instagram kept popping up on our explore page. We were drawn to his unique style, and hand drawn illustrations. We met, and it was another immediate click. We seem to be lucky that way! One thing he mentioned during our meeting, is that with all the brand work he’s doing he doesn’t have as much of an opportunity to showcase the designs he does just for fun/his own sanity. That’s where we stepped in.

Just an example from one of Taylor’s favorite clients to work on.

Just an example from one of Taylor’s favorite clients to work on.

Taylor wanted to become an artist his whole life, but never wanted that starving artist life we’re all so terrified of. Understandably so, we think! Over time he became more aware of the opportunities he’d have in logo and brand design work and decided to start there. He’d post the work he’d create for imaginary brands, then did some free work for real brands to build a portfolio, and then on to doing work on the side while landscaping full time. He’s finally able to pursue the brand work he’s really happy doing now full time, but he eventually plans to branch into lettering store fronts, signage, and store menus. Honestly, his ambition is contagious!

For someone to be able to create so many and such amazing illustrations as Taylor does, we had to know where he draws inspiration. As creative people ourselves we tend to hit creative road blocks. His response was so perfect I’m just going to quote it here;

“I think everybody tries really hard to be different, to the point where it’s not even real. If you draw inspiration from something, why would you try to avoid it for the sake of being original? Take what you can and over time you will develop your own spin on it. (Somebody at one point in time said something along the lines of this).”

He did mention, however, that specifically he gets a lot of inspiration from another illustrator, Christian Watson, the creator behind 1942 Design House. We can definitely see why. Christian also uses paper and pen, is multi-talented, and is pretty transparent with who he is. Honestly, reminds us a lot of Taylor. Or would that be the other way around? Who knows.

A design Taylor made that will be hitting the shop soon!

A design Taylor made that will be hitting the shop soon!

When we reached out to Taylor we had the intention to collaborate on something. When he mentioned that he doesn’t get to do much with the work he creates for fun we realized that’s where we could give him the outlet to put his personal work out into the world. We offered to list, print, and ship all his designs for him. All he had to do was provide the beautiful designs he always does! We’ve already discussed branching out into more products like hats, pins, notebooks, and, of course, clothes.

We’re excited to see where our working relationship with Taylor will go. We all have such amazing ideas already, so definitely stay tuned! If you’d like to contact Taylor for any branding work we’ll have all his links listed below, as well as a little peek at a design he did for one of his favorite brands he’s worked with so far just a little higher up in this post! Thanks for reading <3


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