Rebranding Process

Hello friends,

Louise here to share some of the design process behind creating the new logo for Leo & Wren. As you've hopefully read in our last post, about mid-way through last year we decided that we wanted to start refocusing our branding. 


Our old name, Haberdashery, was something that we had come up with when we started the company back in 2014, and the logo design was created while I was still a baby designer getting my degree. The word Haberdashery has a lot of clothing/sewing/knick-knack related definitions, and it spoke to us as sounding established, strong, and related to fashion... unfortunately hardly anyone could say or spell it. 

When we first started considering the rebrand, we were hoping to find a way to keep the sentiment of the name we had been building up for so long.  The original sketches I started working on were based on shortening the name instead of changing it. We tested "H Co.," "Hab & Co.," and even just designing a new logo with the letter "H" but keeping the full name Haberdashery. I really loved, and honestly still really like, the layout of some of the designs I made for those variations. What ended up steering us away from that direction is that we kept hearing feedback that people felt that they had seen/heard of the logos before - we even heard comparison of "H Co." to Hollister's logo tees. 


So.. back to the drawing board. It was actually one day when I was in the shower that I thought of the "Leo & ____" part of the new name. Ashli and I share August as our birthday month, and since we usually share a lot of typical Leo traits, some of our clothing and print designs have been inspired by that connection. The challenge was then to come up with the second half. 

I had a few ideas that weren't very strong, but it was, very serendipitously, Ashli who came up with the "Wren" part of Leo & Wren. I think we both said it out loud a few times, read and re-read the meanings and symbols behind the words, and then knew that there was no other option -- that was our name. 

But, the challenge was just beginning. Before, we had a logo and good intentions. Now, we needed a Brand. We put together mood boards, we brainstormed color palettes, we even wrote down words that inspired us. There were honestly only 2 real iterations of the Leo & Wren logo - the first direction was more of a flat, face-on mashup of the lion and the wren. We both really liked it and had seemingly decided to go that direction, until I started working on a new layout which became the final version (I like to drive Ashli crazy by changing my mind at the last minute). 


The three versions above took a few months to go through. Partially because I was in the end-stretch-panic-mode period of planning my wedding trip and reception, and partially because I kept tweaking it trying to get it to feel right. The above examples unfortunately don't represent all of the tiny changes since I wasn't saving each version - I spent crazy amounts of time making sure the curves of the wren's body were curvy enough, the points of the tail were pointy enough; I changed the shape of the lion's eye pixel-by-pixel to make sure the expression was just right, and moved the waves of it's hair back and forth and up and down until it was just wavy enough. I drove myself nearly insane until one day I stopped, zoomed out and knew I was finally done (enough). 

Then came the effort of extending the design from a logo to business cards, hang tags, merchandising, social media, and more. There is a lot that we still have up our sleeve that we haven't announced yet, and let's be honest, we're still working on getting ready. However, I think in a lot of ways we have already accomplished our main goal -- we're passionate about the work we're doing again. 


We hope you all love this new direction as much as we do, and we can't wait to share more with you soon!

Louise & Ashli


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