|New Year New Beginnings|


A Look Into How 2016/2017 Has
Influenced Our 2018 and On

Hi all you lovely humans. It's been a minute since we uploaded a blog post. We hope you can forgive us! Taking this gap in posts and the new year as an opportunity, we want to pull the curtain back a little, and let you see into the day to day aspects of our business this past year or so. We hope you take the time to read this probably very long post. It means a lot to us to be authentic with you guys, and explain how 2016/2017 was a bit of a roller coaster. How we as individuals and as business partners changed, and how that has wanted us to change aspects of our brand.


It all starts at the beginning of last year, 2017. We'd just come off of a VERY busy 2016. Haberdashery was turning 2, and we wanted to do something special. We wanted to host an event for other local makers and business owners. What we didn't expect was that we'd love running those events, and go on to host two more within the same year. If you've ever been a part of anything like that then you can imagine how much work, preparation, and time goes into just one. We did three, and that fact still blows my mind.


On top of hosting three fairly successful events we also had to do our best to keep our business running, and put out new products for you all. After all, that's what we love to do more than anything. Haberdashery had two big product launches in 2016, and again there was a lot of time, work, photoshoots, and long nights involved. Starting off 2017 should have meant we were ready for a new year, and to take it all by storm with fresh new ideas. It was quite the opposite, though. We were exhausted and uninspired so we decided to put the events on hold while we refocused ourselves on making Haberdashery the best it could be again. 

Here's the thing, though. Refocusing yourself and your brand is easier said than done. We spent the better part of early 2017 just kind of floundering around. It sounds weird, but that's the best way I can put it! Nothing felt cohesive, or like we had any real brand personality for our customers to relate to. We tried to gain a specific direction on branding, and how to market Haberdashery without our events. Nothing felt right, we needed a break, and so we took one.


We decided we were going to spend two blissful weeks with friends in Oahu, Hawaii (which we blogged about, and you can read more in depth about here.) And what an amazing break it was. We pushed ourselves out of our individual comfort zones the entire time, and left the island feeling so excited and empowered. I mean, we'd climbed mountains....WE COULD DO ANYTHING! Right? Right. We got back and let the experiences we had in Hawaii guide us into the direction we saw for Haberdashery. We realized what exactly needed to be done, and we stopped hesitating. We jumped into our work with as much enthusiasm as we would jump off a cliff into the ocean ;) 


First things first, we needed to get back into the local scene. Omaha Nebraska, while small in the grand scheme of the world, has a large and flourishing local art and business community full of amazing makers and business savvy individuals. We reconnected with old friends from the year before, and dove head first into interacting with as many people in our own town as possible. Since we'd rediscovered our own excitement for our brand we were ready to create that excitement with our current and future customers! We had an amazing Summer/Fall season getting to know you all, and seeing how excited you are over our product. It truly fills our hearts.

It was also truly inspiring to see all of our friends so passionate about the brands they've created. Louise and I wanted to be that passionate, and had been working towards that since we got back from Hawaii. What we realized was that we no longer connected to Haberdashery. Now, don't freak out, we still love our company and are going to continue to produce our best product possible. What I mean by that is that we no longer felt that the name and current brand behind Haberdashery represented who we had grown to be, and the direction we wanted our brand to go. We decided it was time for change, and we spent the last 5 months carefully curating our new brand personality. We collaborated with close friends, worked through all our free time, and are finally so close to being done. 


All in all, Louise and I are excited to say that we've been able to find our passion again. We've worked so hard to come up with something we'd be proud to put into the world for you guys. We want to say thank you for sticking with us all these years. That's whether you've been here from our very first sneak peaks in 2014, or if you just heard of us from that one friend who's cousin bought a shirt at that one local market. Thank you for coming to this post, thank you for supporting local, and thank you for supporting us, specifically. You'll never know how much it means to us. Finally, get very VERY excited for what's to come. We are.