L&W Gift Giving Guide!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We hope you’re simply having a wonderful Christmas time…see what we did there?! :) In all seriousness, this is one of our favorite times of year. No matter what holiday you and your family celebrate, this season always brings a feeling of happiness and cheerfulness. That is until the dread of figuring out what to give as gifts to those you care about sets in. I know I’m personally super behind on my shopping, but hopefully this little gift guide makes it easier for you readers!

Below is a guide for both the him and her in your life. Although, we are firm believers in do and wear whatever you want despite the norm! I’ve also tried to hopefully keep everything budget friendly. Comment below if you felt inspired by this gift guide, and picked up any of our selections.

For Him


Along with being three of our newest and top selling mens/unisex tees they are also the comfiest and most versatile in style! They’re easy to dress up or down, as you can see on our Instagram feed, and are all under $30!



A watch is such a nice accessory for any man to wear. They’re classy, emulate style, and should truly be a stable for any guy’s wardrobe! This one specifically is from MVMT, an company we’ve purchased from before and love. We chose this watch specifically because it’s face has a classic & minimal look, and would look great matched with any style or outfit. One of our favorite things about MVMT watches is that their bands are easily interchangeable, and your guy could always pick out any other band he likes to go with it to change up the look! At just over $100 it is a bit more of a splurge, but if not during the holidays then when can you spend a little extra?!

Self Care

What’s hotter right now than beards?? Nothing, that’s what. Chances are you know someone who has a beard, and that someone should be using fine products to maintain it! We’ve met the makers of this product multiple times at local makers markets in our area, and can attest that not only are the products QUALITY, but they’re also great people. We’re recommending this gift set because at $35 it’s very affordable, and you get a great range of their products. Plus, you get to choose from 5 unique scents, and it comes in an awesome little bag!

Big Dobs.jpg


If your guy is into cool uniquely local products then Mr. Enginerd is the way to go! His products are all laser engraved wood, concrete, or glass goods! This brand specializes in unique design, as well as timeless Omaha style. While he doesn’t have a website, you can peruse his products on his Instagram or shop his products in town at the Made in Omaha store. We’ve got our eyes on those pint glasses for a few friends of ours..

For Her


These three tees are definite favorites of our women’s/unisex top selling tees. They are also the comfiest and most versatile in style! They’re easy to dress up or down, as you can see on our Instagram feed, and again are all under $30!



If your from the Omaha/Lincoln Nebraska area then you’ve definitely BEEN or know someone obsessed with EARTHENJoy and her beautifully crafted products. They’re unique and each piece is crafted by hand by the wonderful Joy O’Conner. We both have some of her jewelry and recommend them to everyone. They make us feel beautiful, classy, and definitely sassy, just like Joy herself! You can order through her website, or shop her Instagram feed and DM her with your order!

More Accessories

If you want to splurge on some amazing goods for that unique woman in your life, there’s always the fantastic Heather Kita Jewelry. While her focus is jewelry, and it’s stunning jewelry believe me, what we wanted to suggest is her leather goods! She hand crafts BEAUTIFUL and extremely soft suede and leather bags, wallets, coin purses, and even keychains. She is available to do local pick up for her products to get in time for the holidays! Just contact her through her Instagram!


We are HUGE coffee lovers here at the L&W camp, however as soon as we tried Artemis Teas we were hooked. One of our collaborators, McKenzie of Encourage Fashion, has been obsessed with the Huntress Tea from them, so we had to try it at one of the holiday makers markets this season. We can see why! It’s definitely become our favorite, but there are many many many other tea blends that Andrea crafts, and each are created to help heal your mind or body in some way. They make the perfect little gift, and you can purchase them from her website here!

The Huntress blend.

The Huntress blend.

For Anyone

Home & Accessories

We have some amazing easy gifts for anyone in your life! A print is always easy to gift, as there’s so many out there! There’s usually one that would be a perfect fit on your friends or family’s desk, or wall at home. Pins are also so perfect, as they’re versatile! They can be put anywhere, and they’re truly the easiest way to express your personality and creativity.


This year we made it a point to spend less time connected to the internet, and spending more time doing something we truly enjoyed and that betters our mental health. Reading is that for us. Louise discovered a book subscription service called Book of the Month Club, and we both signed up immediately. You pay $15 a month and then get to pick one book out of about 5 or 6 each month for them to ship to you. Each month we’ve noticed that they provide a really great range of book genres as well. We’ve been loving this service so if you know any book worms in your life this would be perfect!

December 2018 book selections

December 2018 book selections


We all love to escape to a new city from time to time. If you know a friend who is planning a trip in the near future we definitely suggest getting them an AirBnB gift card! Louise was gifted one as a wedding present, and it was such a pleasant surprise. It may be because we’re travelers at heart, but we think it’s a very thoughtful gift! Plus, it’s super easy to get last minute!


We hope you all were able to get some ideas from this post, and remember today 12/19 is a lot of shops last day to buy in order to get it in time for Christmas! We are wishing you all a lovely and cheerful holiday, and a happy new year!

Ashli & Louise

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