Looking Forward: 2017

Hello friends! 

As we're planning out 2017, we wanted to share a little overview of what's to come for Haberdashery. There's so much that we want to do - and so little time we have to do it - but we've got our fingers crossed and are hoping we can accomplish more this year than ever before!


First of all, we want to mention that we are in fact in the baby stages of trying to put together a late Spring/Summer kickoff Bash! We don't have any solid info yet but keep an eye out on our Facebook page for announcements as things are confirmed! If you don't know what the Bash is, you can learn a little more about it here. Our hope is to feature some of our "Veteran Vendors" this spring, and then have another event in the fall with a mix of "old" and new faces! 

Also, important side note, we now have an email list and will be sending out announcements on new events, new line launches, and even some exclusive/secret deals to our subscribers! If you'd like to be notified of fun things, you can sign up below. (We promise we will only be emailing a few times a month with important or exciting info!) 

Spring Line

Within the next couple of months we'll be releasing three brand new designs on shirts perfect for the "in-between-weather" months of Spring! The designs draw inspiration from the season, and changes in our own lives. It's been a time of rebirth/moving forward, which is always hard but important. The shirts are a mix of sleeve-lengths and styles, but are all guaranteed cozy, per our usual requirements. :) 

Sneaky Sneak Peak of a Spring Design

Sneaky Sneak Peak of a Spring Design


New Products

As some of you may remember, we used to sell poster prints. They were such a fun way for us to play with more color and to be able to put out designs more frequently. With the busyness of the events last year, the posters fell out of focus and we cut them out of the shop for awhile, however later this year we'll be putting out new prints that we think you'll love! 

We've also been working on making some unique home decor that's hand-made by either Ashli or myself! We both have always loved crafting as a creative outlet, and we're excited to use our new skills to help expand our brand past clothing and into home decor. Keep an eye on our Facebook/Instagram to see when they are added to the store!

There are several more new projects we're working on launching this year, but we'll revisit those later when more details are available!

As always, we're so thankful to everyone who shops from our store, visits our events, and takes the time to keep up with what we have going on. We couldn't continue Haberdashery without all of your support, and owning this business has really been a dream come to life!

Until next time,