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Our Journey Through Photos

This February, Ashli and I celebrated the fifth anniversary of our first meeting for this business. We had a nice dinner, put on some good music, and reminisced about how far we’ve come… actually that’s a total lie — we completely forgot about it until a few weeks later when we were working late one night getting ready for a booth. Whoops!

So in order to try to make up for our mistake, we decided it would be fun to share some favorite shots from the photoshoots we’ve had over the years, both to relive the great times we’ve had with many talented models and photographers, and to see how much we’ve changed. Sometimes it feels like progress is slow, but as they say, “the days are long and the years are short,” and we can’t believe how much has changed.

Now this blog will concentrate on the shoots between 2014 — 2017, and before we rebranded to Leo & Wren last August, at which point I, (Louise), took over photography for the brand. You can see all the new style on our social media, so I won’t bore you with those.

First Release: 2014

This shoot and product line will always have a sentimental place in our hearts, but boy-oh-boy is it funny looking back to now. We ordered way too many of these shirts, then shot the product photos in my garage in front of a sheet and spent HOURS editing the pictures in Photoshop. Fake it ‘till you make it, right?


Fall 2014

This was the first time we used a professional photographer, studio and hair/makeup artist for a shoot. We also debuted our first sweatshirts and prints with this release. It was a fun shoot and we can still appreciate the moody-ness, even if it is a little reminiscent of the Myspace days. ;-)


Summer: 2015

We were graced with the photography of our long-time friend (and repeat photographer) Yoni Gill for this line. It was a hot day in Lincoln that we spent walking around downtown for a couple hours, followed by stuffing our faces with Leadbelly. I think this shoot helped reshape the tone of our brand, and still had a major influence on the direction we took our style in the following years.


Fall 2015

This shoot was taken at Platte River State Park, where we hiked around to find some cool locations. A look behind the scenes: the trees were still totally green since we shot in August or September, but Yoni did a great job of giving us the Fall vibe we were hoping for. This line also featured the first time we had beanies, and the first item we ever sold-out-of and restocked multiple times - the Into the Unknown sweatshirt, which was an awesome milestone for us as a business!


Summer 2016

This was the first time we didn’t style a shoot in person — we sent the products to Yoni along with a style guide, and he put it all together. Being the control-freaks we maybe sometimes occasionally are, it was definitely a change of pace for us, but he (of course) did a fantastic job!


Winter: 2016

For this shoot, we used locations in downtown Papillion since they have an amazing winter lights display every year. We got an opportunity to work with Zachariah Mayfield for the photography, (featured below in the lion sweatshirt!), and still love the mood of these photos even if we’ve moved in a different direction since then.

Photo Dec 01, 6 05 32 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 01, 5 53 48 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 01, 6 18 45 PM.jpg

Summer: 2017

Thankfully we were able to get help for this shoot, since we ended up organizing it last minute and shot on Easter morning. Shout out again to Yoni for his talent and quick work — we all made it to our family get-together’s on time and with awesome photos for our launch!


Fall: 2017

This was another shoot that was shot and styled by Yoni in Lincoln, and features his absolutely adorable pup Chia! In this line we debuted our pull-over sweatshirts, and the limited edition women’s Anorak jackets. It was also the last official shoot we had as “Haberdashery” before beginning to plan our rebrand the following year.


And that’s a wrap!

Let us know in the comments if you liked looking back with us, and if you found any old designs you’d love a chance to own now — we’re always looking for opportunities to bring back old favorites!

As always, thanks for being a part of this adventure with us.


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