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MacKenzie Boner is the local editor behind Encourage Fashion, the website encompassing fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and creative projects. She created EF in 2012, as a way to fulfill her need to share all things style and creativity. Louise and I met her in the spring of 2018 via social media, and fell in love with her style right away! We knew we had to meet, and find a way to collaborate with her as soon as we could!

The amazing thing we've learned about MacKenzie is that she has so many passions, and so many projects filling her head at a time that finding something we could work on with her was easy. She posted about wanting to get back into making jewelry on her Instagram so we immediately reached out to her. We met for coffee, and in my opinion, just clicked! We've tossed around a lot of ideas to work on in the future, but for now, her minimalist jewelry is our focus.

As a graduate of The Academy of Art University San Francisco with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, it's obvious she's a lover of all things style related, with inspirations like Nicole Richie, Jane Birkin, and 70's street style. She's also a thrifting wizard! She shares all of her thrift and vintage store finds on her Instagram stories, and the items and deals she finds are insane. On her personal blog, she's detailed some info on a few thrift finds along with monthly life recaps, an Omaha Favorites series and more. Currently she's working on a full post with any tips and tricks you'll need to know to thrift just like her!


MacKenzie's love of making the stunning jewelry pieces we have on our site came from wanting to have even more fun and creative projects to work on as well as loving the idea of making and wearing something of her own creation. As one of the more genuine people we've met in these last four years, we know how hard she works on these pieces. Each one is curated, sourced, handmade, and quality tested by MacKenzie. She is passionate about the products she makes and only creates what she would love and use herself. 

Louise and I are so excited to be working with MacKenzie. As I said before, she's genuine, funny, a carb lover, and as a general rule stays far away from salads which is like, the most relatable. Make sure you check out her Instagram and blog, linked below. We are sure that you'll love her, and we cannot wait for many more collaborations with MacKenzie, and to make our partnership with her flourish!


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