Year in Review: 2016

So we've all found ourselves in a new year, and with that comes new goals and plans for what we want to create and do with Haberdashery - but before we start planning out our future, we wanted to take a moment and remember all we accomplished last year! 

New Lines, New Designs

Last year was a very busy year for us as a company because we took on new roles as event planners, (which I'll get into more later), but that meant we only came out with two big line launches. However, with more time between lines I feel like we really had a chance to come up with some of our best designs yet! We also had two absolutely KILLER lookbooks, and I would love to post every picture but instead I'll just post a few of my favorites. 

Stay Gold Ringer Tee

Yes, this design was influenced by our favorite Pony Boy. It was also the first time we experimented with metallic ink and custom cropping options. Having the crop option made us exceptionally nervous since it was something we'd never done before, but we got great reception from our customers and would like to experiment more with styles like this in the future!

Into The Unknown Tee

Occasionally, we like to bring favorite designs into new seasons, and even get tees that aren't black/gray! Originally featured on this Sweatshirt from fall of 2015, it was inspired by our inner explorer and Hobbit-like needs to go on an adventure. 

Photo Dec 01, 5 32 06 PM.jpg

Pay it Forward Tee

As you may or may not know, we are partnered with a local group who help the homeless in Omaha and surrounding areas, called Table of Mercy Breakfast Club, (you can read more about them from our old blog post here), and with these tees we donate 25% of the profits to them to help with their costs. It's a special cause for us because they are such wonderful, genuine and caring people with an amazing mission. We even had a chance to help them serve free lunch to their beautiful city of Atlantic, Iowa in June of last year. 

Dee, Ashli, Scotty, Louise, and Mel; Dee, Scotty and Mel are the directors of the group

Dee, Ashli, Scotty, Louise, and Mel; Dee, Scotty and Mel are the directors of the group

Featuring Tony, my boyfriend/our unpaid intern <3

Featuring Tony, my boyfriend/our unpaid intern <3

Out of this World Tee

More recently, we came out with this design in both a mineral-wash tee and a flowy crop - two styles of shirts we hadn't tried before and absolutely love! Plus, how cute is that alien? Makes you wanna go full Spice girls amiright?

Varsity Logo Sweatshirt

Another favorite new release of mine, partially because I could literally live day and night in this hoodie for it's cozy-ness, and partially because I'm so proud that we've now been business owners for 3 years and I took the opportunity to show that off in the design!


Baseball Tees

Last but definitely not least, I wanted to shout out these two designs. The "Coffee is my Bloodtype" design was inspired by something I overheard helping set up at the Nebraska Design Awards show. It too perfectly described how Ashli and I live our lives, and start/finish every meeting with several cups of coffee and some story telling about our lives. The GO design was a fun project because it was a concept Ashli had that I drew on tracing paper and scanned instead of my usual method of digital illustration. 

Habdash Bash

One of our favorite parts of owning a small business is participating in events where we can have pop-up shops alongside other talented local creatives. We were a part of 4 different shows in 2015, and decided we wanted to try our hand at hosting our own - so that's what we did! Managing the Bash's was equal parts stressful, intimidating, exciting and fulfilling. It was something unlike anything we had ever done before, and definitely challenging, but an experience we'll never forget and are eager to repeat this year (except maybe only once or twice so we don't lose our sanity again). 

Check out our page to see some pictures and a list of the wonderful artists who were a part of the first three events, and Like our Facebook page for future updates and more posts about the previous exhibitors! 

Overall, 2016 was one of our most challenging years yet. However, we accomplished so much more than ever before, and we're looking forward to moving into 2017 with everything we learned last year! 

As a final note, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who visited a Bash, purchased something from our store, and/or took the time to to check out our website or follow our posts. We appreciate it more than we could ever put into words! <3



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