Rainy Days and a Monthly Playlist

The past few days have been nothing but filled with rain and storms. We here at Haberdashery HQ have been absolutely LOVING it! Rainy days are beautiful days, they are days to be cherished! In my humble opinion....ha. 

In a perfect world a rainy day is a day spent in bed with a good book, or cuddled up with a loved one. However, realistically, there is probably work to be done, or errands to run, or maybe even school to go to(ICK.) Now some would say that that makes for a miserable combination, but I call those people....well nothing because I try not to associate with that kind of negativity. I KID, I KID.

In all seriousness though, it is probably my favorite thing to be doing all of the above during a day of downpour. Most think I'm crazy, but if you have the correct mindset and that perfect rainy day playlist you can conquer anything now matter how large the monsoon coming down is! Not only that but everyone you encounter is a fellow psychotic rainy day lover as well. We're a special breed of people who venture out in our cozy outfits we wait all summer to wear, and shyly smile at the person also working away at their laptop in front of the window at your local coffee shop watching the rain drops pour from the skies above. 

Is that too hipster? Alright, I'll bring it back to the most important part of this post. That PERFECT playlist for a cozy rain filled day. It's full of soft acoustic chords, and lullaby like piano in the background of someone bellowing out beautifully written lyrics that just make you feel emotional, ya know?! They hit right in the feels..the feels you hide away for a rainy day. I hope you enjoy what I've put together for you, and as always leave any music suggestions in the comments below. I'd love to hear your rainy day go tos! 

Much Love,