RAW Omaha Recap

In honor of us participating in Moonlight Mile this Friday we thought it'd be fun to share about our experience with RAW Omaha! Breanna and I both agree that it was the best night of our lives so far. The whole experience while stressful and involved a lot of preparation, it was mostly just really fun, positive, and we learned so much about other local artists and who we are as artists and a business. There will be photos included  that we took with our phones and photos from a pro, so please bear with the change in picture quality :D


We started our day off at about 10 AM to load up, and we got to Sokol Auditorium at about Noon to start setting up our booth. As you can see from the photo above, we had a lot of work to do! From when we got there at Noon it took us until about 5 PM to be done with all the little finishing touches. We had a rolling rack full of clothes, a mannequin all dressed up, and every inch we could possibly use filled with posters, t-shirts, and sweaters on display. The lights we added where probably my favorite part about the entire display. It gave the whole thing a kind of illuminating effect. 


 As the show started at 6 PM it was quite surreal to step back for a moment and see it all finished, and to have it surrounded by people checking out our clothes and admiring everything that we worked so hard on. It was a crazy night, but we were reminded why we love doing what we do.  The feedback we received was so positive and amazing that we left feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness and accomplishment. It was, as I stated before, the best and most fun night of our lives. 

We had such a fantastic experience with RAW that it made us want to start doing more events that are similar. We are going to be in Benson on Friday, May 1st for an event during Bensons First Friday Night called the Moonlight Mile that features even more local talent. Before I finish up here I want to give a special shout out to the director of the RAW Omaha show, Amber Keller, for being the most wonderful woman to work with. Also, thank you to local Omaha photographer Eric David Herrera for the great pictures above. If you want to get a glimpse into what that night was like you can check out this video recap that the RAW Omaha Videographer Mike Machian  made of the whole night HERE. I recommend watching the whole thing, but if you are crunched on time then our table is featured at 3:23. Thank you all for the continued love and support of us and our hard work.

Much love,