The Beginning

We decided to start a blog as another way for you to be a part of this journey with us. The plan is to use this to publish anything Haberdashery related, especially announcements and events we have going on. This way, our social media accounts, (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), can be reserved for quick thoughts and updates, and this blog can be for when we want to go into more detail.

Now, in case you weren’t quite sure, we should probably talk about what exactly Haberdashery is, and more importantly, what we want it to become. Haberdashery is the brain child of the combined skills of Ashli Fierro and Breanna Jones, an idea that began as a dream and has slowly become something more real and more tangible. To give a little more background about the founders and their talents: Breanna is a student of Graphic Design, who started school because she wanted to be able to make her ideas become real designs by her own hand, and Ashli is a fashion guru who has always had an eye for what is and what’s going to be popular, as well as a social media genius. Together, we hope to use our powers for good to create our very own clothing (and more) company, inspired by others who’ve had success starting where we are now… at the very bottom. We want to create shirt designs that show what’s happening in our lives, and what’s important and impactful to us, as well as exploring our love for crafts and all things DIY. We’re starting at nothing, but with your support and our ambition, we know we can accomplish something great – or at least that’s the plan!
As for the idea behind this blog, we felt it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to see where our crazy ideas come from, and come along with us on our journey. For this main page, we’ll both publish pictures of what we’re doing, our thoughts, our inspirations, our newest design ideas, and the concepts behind our lines. There will also be posts made by Breanna to give a little more insight into the design process, (for curious minds), with anything from sketches and original art, to process work, and finished products; and posts by Ashli with more insight into planning, inspiration, ideas, and what’s happening on the fashion side of things.

As we are never all-business, this site won’t be either! The beauty of starting your own company is that it can become whatever you want it to be. What we want is something fun and free, and ultimately boundless. Something that we can both be proud of, and an outlet of our joint creativity. So prepare for the unexpected, because we have no idea what we’re doing either!